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Years 3-4 Project ideas (page 1)

(1) Badgers

(2) Lithuania



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Badgers Science English, Technology
Lithuania SOSE (Society & Environment) English, Technology, Art, LOTE


(1) Badgers

Project example(Grade 4)

The Internet was used to research the Badger's habits and where they live. Scientific facts had to be included.

Students were required to use a computer to complete their write-up and learn how to locate, copy and paste pictures. (Technology)

An outing to the zoo to observe the badger's habits would have been ideal for this project but unfortunately it was too difficult to fit this into the program. Several students managed a zoo outing with their family which was a great learning experience for them. 

Scales were obtained in order to weigh several objects so students could get an idea of the badger's weight and compare this with a familiar object. 

A tape measure was used to give a visual example of the length of a badger. (Maths)


(2) Lithuania

After students watched a documentary about Lithuania they completed a worksheet.

Geographical locations were researched giving students atlas skills. (S&E)

The Lithuanian flag was located on the Internet along with the two other Baltic States. (Technology)

An attempt was made at speaking some Lithuanian and by writing a simple sentence. 

Art was incorporated into this worksheet as students were asked to follow the instructions on the right.

Finally students wrote a short essay about Lithuania and its culture. Some students located pictures of Lithuania in travel brochures and glued these to their work. 

project example (Grade 3)


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