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Years 3-4 Project ideas (page 2)

(3) Sudan

(4) My Story



Main Learning Area

Linking Learning Areas

Sudan SOSE (Society & Environment) English, Technology
My story English Science, Art


(3) Sudan

project example( Grade 4)

Each student was encouraged to spin the world globe and blindly place one finger on it. Where their finger landed was the place they had to write about.

Some students landed on islands, others in oceans and others in some weird and wonderful places like Sudan.

The Internet was used to retrieve information but students had to use a computer to write their project.

Facts like: area,- religion,- mineral resources,- industries,- climate and bordering countries had to be included in their write-up.


(4) My story

Students were asked to write about something that had happened to them that was impressed on their minds.

English was the main learning area, but the student that wrote this also incorporated a few Scientific facts.

Artistic abilities were exercised as students had to draw a picture of their experience also. Some students were encouraged to read their story out loud to others.

project example(Grade 4)

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