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(5) Tamarin

(6)  Posture 



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(5) Golden Lion Tamarin

project example( Grade 4)

Monkeys were topic of the week after an outing to the zoo. Students enjoyed the monkeys immensely and decided that more information was welcome.

The Internet was used as one medium to locate the Tamarin specie. Library books were viewed and read as well.

Geographical locations of where the Tamarin lives were viewed on a large map as well as an atlas.

Accurate kitchen scales were used to give students a visual look as to the weight of these little creatures and they were able to relate this with a familiar object.

Maths was incorporated by asking how much 2, 3 and 4 Tamarins would weigh.

Students were asked to draw an outline of the country where the Tamarin lives, thus covering art.


(6) Posture

project example

( Grade 3)

As part of the Health and Physical Education program students were asked to look at 'posture'.

A physical education teacher showed the students correct posture, correct bending and lifting techniques.

Some Internet research was conducted to locate statistics about back injury sufferers.

Students were also asked to draw something which related to what they had learned. This student shows a clear picture of the correct sitting position.



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