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K-2 Project ideas (page 3)

(5) Construction Giants

(6) people



Main Learning Area

Linking Learning Areas

Construction giants Technology English, SOSE, Art, Maths
People Health English, SOSE, Art


(5) Construction Giants

project example ( Grade 1)

Technology was experienced first hand when students visited a mine site. The construction giants were impressive to this young age group. Social and environmental issues were covered when they learned about mining procedures and rehabilitation of the area once mining was completed. A write-up enhanced their English skills and their artistic abilities were explored when they decorated their work with pictures. Old magazines were used to locate appropriate pictures. Even Mathematics was used when students tried to visualize how many wheelbarrows of dirt would fit into one giant truck.


(6) People

Attitudes and values were explored when students were asked to describe some positive and negative human behaviour patterns. A discussion beforehand on various human behaviour equipped the students to write down some of their thoughts. Cultural and social diversities were addressed through analysing critically the constructs that advantage or disadvantage certain groups of people. Concepts for a healthy lifestyle, interpersonal skills and attitudes achieved a high level of outcome with this project.

project example ( Grade 2)


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