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Most of us take cars for granted these days. Not so long ago horses were used to travel. It was slow travelling from one place to another. Now we have cars, trucks, buses, trains, aeroplanes and boats.

(A) Your tasks:

  • Draw a car and label the different car parts as shown on the essay.

  • If you're not so good at drawing a car, cut one from an old magazine and label the car parts.

(B) Your tasks:

  • Design and make a car from recycled material. (toilet rolls, spray can plastic lids, al-foil, a little bit of wire for the antenna, depending on the size you wish to make you could use an old shoe box as the body or a matchbox to make a tiny car.)

(C) Your tasks:

  • If possible visit a garage or a mechanic who is happy to show you around. Take notes of the different tools the mechanic uses to fix cars and write these in your essay. Otherwise; locate a library book that shows many different parts of a car and maybe the tools used to make or repair cars.

(D) Your tasks:

  • Write your own car essay as shown in the example above. Decorate your page with drawings or cut car pictures from old magazines.

(by Ingrid Griggs)

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