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Taking a look at sport champions of Western Australia. Silicosis under mining conditions and understanding sanitary conditions past and present using poetry. Investigating poisons used on fruit and vegetables


Design your own sea creature pen pal letter. Healthy art project. Origami project. Cartoon drawing idea. Exploring shapes

Society and Environment. Exploring Inuit culture. Investigating ocean going vessels. Taking a look at historical Fremantle Prison Western Australia. Interactive project about Australian explorers.

Mathematics link to Interactive Mathematics for years K-10 with helpful explanation pages. Addition, subtraction, division, times, problem solving, algebra, shapes, space, measurement, clock reading and more.

Languages other than English. Exploring the Dutch language, culture, geographical locations, economy, Dutch Royals and history.

Technology link. Discover and explore technology from 1780 to 1980.

English link. Unscramble animal and colour names years 1-3. Picture recognition and spelling years 1-3. Reading and comprehension years 1-3. Enhance spelling skills years 4-6. Bush Poetry years 6-10.

Science link. Scientific names explained. Interactive Science quiz

Solar energy project link

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