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AGES 11-13
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The worksheets and answers to the worksheets can be found HERE.

A bit of English

A world map and a dictionary are required for this activity.

Deadly words

A thesaurus and a dictionary are required for this activity.


Revise grammar with your students with the help of this worksheet.

Spot the mistakes

Plenty of spelling mistakes need correcting on this worksheet.

Alphabetical order

Words and names need to be placed in alphabetical order.

Dictionary skills

A dictionary is required to determine various occupations.


Palindromes are explained and student's knowledge put to the test.

What does it kill?

Words ending with 'cide' are reviewed here. A dictionary is required.

Capital letters

Student's knowledge is tested regarding capital letters.

English mania

Spelling, alphabetical order and opposites are covered on this worksheet.


Phobias and Manias are looked at. A dictionary is required.


Plenty of unfamiliar words that may need a dictionary and thesaurus.

A Scam

Expand reading and dictionary skills. Read about a home mailer scam.

38 English worksheets to test your knowledge.
An educational tool for home educators and teachers.

Answers to worksheets
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