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Educational Games or quizes for students aged 5 to 15 or years K-10. These interactive games provide a fun way to achieve some learning outcomes. Activities are designed to provide an interest in maths, english, science, art and general knowledge. Although many students place high value on video games, online games and downloadable games for relaxation, pleasure or something to share with their friends, we believe these games need to have a much greater educational value.

When a video game is simply about how to shoot a target, it tends to provide no lasting benefit to those who use these programs, and little or no educational value. However, if video games, online games or downloadable games incorporate an element of fun combined with a constructive educational value then students can learn from these games. Teachers could utilize certain gaming software within their curriculum and parents could encourage educational gaming software to further their child's learning. Try out some of the following quiz games.

resources English Games K- 3 Online educational games to improve literacy and numeracy skills. Homophones, antonyms, puzzles, typing skills, attitudes and values, observation kills, spelling, alphabet, excellent for gifted students or dyslexic children.

English Games Years 4 and 5 Educational games for ages 9 and 10 to improve spelling, grammar, plural and singular forms, learn about work places, homophones, antonyms, and gender.

English Games Years 6 to HighSchool Learn about collective nouns, homophones, antonyms, improve spelling, grammar, singular and plural, improve dictionary and research skills.

Mathematics Games K-3 Challenge mental mathematics, practice addition, subtraction, number flash cards, learn about decimals, improve skills in mixed equations.

Mathematics Games Years 4-5 Clock reading skills, decimals, fractions, times tables, multiplications, division, addition, subtraction, roman numerals, mental mathematics.

Mathematics Games Years 6 to HighSchool Positive and negative calculations, fractions, flash cards, multiplication, division, roman numerals, clock reading skills, measurement conversion game.

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