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If you would like a link to you website from Teaching Treasures website you will need to link to Teaching Treasures web-site first, please place the following code on one of your web pages of the requesting site domain. email us the URL position where you have placed our link. We will view the link and also your web site for appropriate content. If your site is suitable, a link to your site will be placed within our link directory. Please view our conditions and do not request a link in return if you wish to place our link on any other web site other than the one you would like us to link to. We also regularly check links and if our link is not found on a reciprocating links page we will remove the link from our listing, fair is fair.

Plain Text Link:
The text link can be in a font of your choice along with any description of our site, thanks.
E.g. Interactive educational activities and worksheets. (see example below)

Select code between the quotation marks "" thanks.

Teaching Treasures Online teaching resources, interactive educational activities and worksheet printables K-10.

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