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Develop reading and comprehension skills with these easy to read fun stories for young children. Online comprehension test to view immediate test results.

Pelican Trish - ages 5 up

Visit Pelican Trish who liked fish and had to be stopped.

Pelican Trish liked to fish
For tasty treats and yummy eats
Sad to say and much to her dismay
Tricks were played when a visit she paid...

Roy and the mysterious rolls - ages 9 up

Follow Roy on his adventure to find the mysterious Rolls.

Deep in the bush stood an old green army tank. Its guns were gone and one door was missing. Some bits were rusted and paint flaked and faded. Roy was left by soldiers who didn't need him any more. Larry an old steam engine, left behind by mill workers was also a sad picture, with rusty, flaked red paint. Roy and Larry now kept each other company in the bush....

Freddy's prawns and slugs - ages 9 up

Why did Freddie eat slugs on his birthday?

It was Freddie’s birthday, and Nancy decided to give him a three course meal for dinner. The first course was going to be prawns, but instead of giving him real ones she sneaked out into the garden in search of some nice juicy slugs. When she gathered enough, she went inside and smothered them in orange prawn cocktail sauce to make them look like they were real prawns...

Frog's revenge - part 1 - ages 9 up

Why are frogs bent on revenge?

In a tiny country on the other side of the world reigned a tall skinny king and his short fat queen. King Ferdie and Queen Bella were no ordinary rulers. The people that lived in their tiny country simply called them Kingie and Queenie. Kingie and Queenie chose to live in a big house rather than a huge castle because both hated cleaning and both begrudged having to pay someone to do the cleaning for them...

Bowel movers - frog's revenge part 2 - ages 9 up

Why are frogs bent on revenge.

Queenie watched Kingie slowly walk out of the garden and down the path going into town. She stared out the window for a long time thinking of a way to get even with that skinny silly husband of hers. After all it was his fault she was swamped by those slimy frogs last night. If only he hadn't trod on the old Frog with that ridiculous big wart...




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