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pelican trish

Pelican Trish liked to fish

For tasty treats and yummy eats

Sad to say and much to her dismay

Tricks were played when a visit she paid

Those fish hard to get

Seeing Trish they simply fled

They cried, we must stop old Trish

Or she'll eat all us fish



Bluey whale, a big wise male

A plan he had, simply mad

But all agreed it may just work

And stop pelican's silly quirk

They wrote on a big black sign

Three words painted in bright lime

It was very easy to read

And they all hoped Trish would heed

no fishing here sign


When morning came one brave Snappy

Held the sign and was very happy

On a nearby pole was sitting

Pelican Trish with her knitting

After all Trish thought, law is law

Fishing was to be no more

No mistaking, the sign was clear

It simply said, no fishing here.

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