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Spores are produced in the gills.   0
Spores are dispersed by wind and insects.   0
Spores are in the gills of a mushroom.   0
All mushrooms have a cap and stalk.   0
The stalk is also called the 'stipe'.   0
Basidium has nothing to do with fungi.   0
A mushroom has a 'fruiting body'   0
The study of fungi is called Fungicology.   0
Mushrooms are the most common fungi.   0
Slime molds are not classed as fungi.   0
The upper part of a mushroom is the 'cap'.   0
The gills have cells that bear the spores.   0
Most fungi are made up of hyphae.   0
There are millions of identified fungi.   0
Yeast is not a fungi.   0
A mycologist studies fungi.   0
Fungi never causes harm to fruit trees.   0
There is no such thing as 'water mold'   0
Lichens are of the fungus algae classification.   0
The study of fungi is called mycology.   0


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