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Comprehension Activity Years 1-3
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Froggo jumped in and out of the pond because he was ....? What kind of day was it? Where did Froggo sit to dry his skin?
sad cold a rock
bored warm the wall
happy rainy the pond
blank blank blank
What woke Froggo? Who came to visit him? Where did Ellie Elephant sit?
a big bang his mum on the rock
bunny Ellie Elephant on Froggo
a thump...thump another frog in the pond
blank blank blank
Who complained about the pond being empty? Where did the water run to? Who growled at Ellie Elephant?
a mouse a bucket his dad
Froggo a lake his uncle
Ellie Elephant a hole Froggo
blank blank blank
Whose ears were all  soggy? How did Ellie walk away? Where did Ellie get new water?
the cat's she thumped a hole
the rabbit's she tiptoed the tap
the bee's she ran a dam
blank blank blank
How did Ellie carry a new lot of water for the pond? Was Froggo happy when the pond had water again? Who trumpety trumped with joy at the end?
in a bucket maybe Bunny
in her trunk no Ellie
with a hose yes Froggo
blank blank blank


by Ingrid Griggs

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