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food poisoningFood Poisoning (a potential danger to us all)

There is an increased demand for ready-to-eat foods, fast foods and dining out. This change in demand has brought new problems. One of these is the risk of bacterial food poisoning. Bacteria can multiply very rapidly in ideal conditions.

One bacterium can multiply to over 2.000.000 within seven hours!
Food poisoning bacteria grow best in temperatures from 5º C to 60º C.
Bacteria need their own food source to grow and multiply.
Bacteria also needs moisture.

How Does Food Become Contaminated?
Often food is contaminated because of poor handling, bad storage practices and a lack of personal hygiene. Contaminated means it is spoiled, polluted, tainted or infected by something else. Just like cancer can be caused by smoking, alcohol, fumes or asbestos and you can't see the cancer at first... you can't see food poisoning until it is to late and you feel very sick.

Your - Task:
Perform a food safety check on your refrigerator at home, at different schools or at local shops. View the contents. Are the products wrapped properly? What 'Use By' dates are displayed? Are meat products separated from dairy products?

Do a write-up about your investigations. By the observations you've made, give reasons why certain practices were unsafe and a potential food poisoning risk. Visit the links below for more information:

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