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flowers flowers from our garden

Our garden is loaded with wonderful flowers at different times of the year. Of many we don't know their proper names but they are all worth seeing so here is a small collection for you to enjoy.

orange.jpg (7995 bytes)
One of the many flowers discovered in our backyard
white.jpg (11632 bytes)
Another gorgeous flowering bush from our backyard
white2.jpg (12415 bytes)
Gorgeous flowering bush, usually swarming with bees
lemonscent.jpg (8275 bytes)
Lemon scented pelargonium, repels mosquitoes
redgum.jpg (12565 bytes)
flowering gum tree, our parrots like these!
eggbacon.jpg (6069 bytes)
We call these egg & bacon, a truly magnificent display
cigar.jpg (9405 bytes)
Our mexican cigar plant doesn't like our hot summers
geranium2.jpg (8579 bytes)
Many varieties of geraniums thrive in our garden
yellow.jpg (8309 bytes)
Yellow splashes are mingled with other natives
red.jpg (8521 bytes)
This red little beauty faithfully blooms every year
blue.jpg (6287 bytes)
Our blue/purple coloured bells enjoy semi-shade
pompoms.jpg (4564 bytes)
Little pompoms explode yellow pollen each year
beauty.jpg (11063 bytes)
Looks like an orchid but isn't. A bird favourite.
pink.jpg (8325 bytes)
A mass of pink flowers show of this bush.
purple.jpg (8231 bytes)
These purple flowers cover most of the shrub.
sunflower.jpg (21557 bytes)
Sun flower. Here you'll also see the back of it.
pink2.jpg (21644 bytes)
Beautiful native pink bush in full bloom
orangebright.jpg (15417 bytes)
Bright orange flowers with yellow hearts.
weed.jpg (7152 bytes)
It's only a weed but ever so pretty when flowering
flowers from our garden




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