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Photos of some beautiful spots in the southwest of Western Australia

country.jpg (20365 bytes)

Grass trees located in Greenbushes

river.jpg (16440 bytes)

Blackwood River a great picnic spot

bridge.jpg (18970 bytes)

Bridge across Blackwood River

stirlingranges.jpg (16459 bytes)

Hazy view of the Stirling Ranges

shed.jpg (17791 bytes)

Farm shed along one of our dusty roads

ocean.jpg (20365 bytes)

Ocean view from Dunsborough coast

bibulmun.jpg (14262 bytes)

Bibbulmun walking track

toilet.jpg (15840 bytes)

Conveniences along the Bibbulmun track

tree-elephant.jpg (16071 bytes)

A tree turned into an elephant by locals

diamondtree.jpg (23530 bytes)

Diamond Tree, used for fire spotting

diving.jpg (17434 bytes)

Great diving and snorkelling

belltower.jpg (13556 bytes)

The famous Bell Tower in Perth, capital WA




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