Teaching Treasures™ Roy, the army tank story

Roy, the army tank

Roy the Army Tank Reading Comprehension Test

army tank

Who do you think Roy is in the story you just read?

What is the name of Roy's friend in the bush?

Without looking back in the story, what colour is Roy?

a locomotive Harry flaky green
a red bush Larry flaky grey
a tank Gary flaky red
blank blank blank

What does Roy desperately want to find ?

Who told Roy he was a big rust bucket ?

Which direction was Roy told that he had to go ?

a river a gum tree south
the soldiers a jarrah tree west
Rolls a wattle tree north
blank blank blank

What stopped Roy from jumping for joy?

Do you think the bridge was strong enough?

What did Roy dream that Rolls was going to do?

a sign yes, very strong leave him to rust
his rusty hinges no, it collapsed throw him away
his flaky paint just strong enough cut him up
blank blank blank

Who do you think shouted, "Hi gorgeous ?"

Who told Roy to look carefully in the water ?

What reflection did Roy see in the water ?

the cockatoos the red bush a rusty tank
a red gum Rolls bright red flowers
the wattle tree Larry a Rolls Royce car
blank blank blank

What beautiful shiny coat of colour was Roy ?

What kind of amazing smile does Roy have ?

Does his huge bumper smile crack the paint ?

blue funny smile yes
black tiny smile no
green big bumper smile a little
blank blank blank

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