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Once upon a time in the little village of Nymboi, resided a young lady. A special International Standard Book Number, or ISBN was dedicated during the year two thousand and five to the Guinea Pigs e-book. Delightful pigs were finally put to print and the joy of sharing piggy knowledge came to fruition.

Humans as described earlier on are compelled to work unlike pigs whose main task is to eat and poop. Considering the now young lady is classified as a human she too must work and carve out an existence for herself so she may eat and deliver once again that which went down her orifice. So as not to entirely demean the human population, it is only equitable to compare the evolution believers of the human race to the animal kingdom.

Mainly because many of the evolution believing pedagogue folk of this era appear to have deemed themselves nothing more than an animal because they seem to teach this within most of their educational institutions. Although organised and classified within their textbooks as a higher order-thinking something, due to the manifestation of being able to conjure up better evils than their counterparts, they still seem to remain ignorant as far as copyright is concerned.

This may be due to the fact that illiteracy is extensive within the animal kingdom, according to Government statistical data gathered regularly. Therefore it would be proper to make allowances for the illiterate and suffer their ignorance when it comes to that symbol ©.

Evolution versus Creation has been a controversy for some time within the human race and although it is not a point of discussion here, it would have explained to the poor distressed young lady why the evolution thinking community can't understand the meaning of copyright. It may also explain why she is poor and living in rags and they are living in sheer luxury like the pigs she pampered for so many years. Of course you can't and wouldn't compare the good pedagogue folk to pigs but to an astute reader it would make good sense and show a somewhat comparison of living standards.

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