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Guinea Pigs e-book was just one such project where the young lady could possibly secure a little income and would be able to sustain her body with food and raiment. Maybe even a little shanty in the future, although hopefully a little more glamorous than her pigs' abode. Finally, the great day of launching the young lady's e-book came. A wonderful tool called the Internet was utilised in conjunction with a thing called a web site.

Just like a book the web site contained many pages and abundant information. Some pages containing more information than others however all pages, just like a hard copy book, are copyrighted to the authors of this wonderful electronic work. After a little while interested pig lovers searching the Internet started to find the guinea pigs e-book and were prepared to part with some of their hard-earned monies procured during their working experience.

During the years two thousand and five, and two thousand and six there was Ms Joseph and Ms Parer who were obvious piggy keen. Next came Ms Warren, and Mr Rance who lived all the way on the other side of the world. Ms Damiani and Ms Edwards were also keen to learn more about piggies and were soon followed by Ms Hogg and Ms Trotter. Finally the year two thousand and seven arrived and so did Mr. Killene who benefited from an online version of the piggy e-book.

With the click of a button monies earned by him from his profession were transferred and the young lady was another little less than ten dollars better off. It certainly would not buy her more than four loaves of bread, or a litre of milk, eggs and a blob of butter, but she was happy for the sale and happy to be of assistance to another piggy lover. Little did the hapless lass know of the saga which was to unfold behind educational institution doors where the last mentioned buyer worked for his eats and also must deliver once again that which went down his orifice.

Many months passed and the year two thousand and seven rolled into the year two thousand and eight. During that time no further piggy books were sold. The hapless lassie could no longer buy another loaf of bread, let alone one slice or one infinitesimal crumb. What had become of the piggies? Where were the piggy lovers? Why was there no further commerce? What was happening to this wonderful conception of earning a living from the World Wide Web? Questions like these were on the lassie's mind and on the minds of those who oversaw that wonderful tool called 'web site' where the piggy e-book was marketed to the human population across the face of the world.

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