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Plebeian they must be for sure as no decent, ethical, upright, respectable folk would do what they did unless they were plebeian. So to continue with explaining poor Delilah's task she started to scrutinise Ma's letter although one was never sent to her personally by the Ma, but as explained before she had the unpleasant task of the copyright breach issue being handed over to her.

Delilah acting in her capacity as National Copyright Director, Copyright Advisory Group, Schools Resourcing Taskforce started to do her chore. Chore number one was to make sure she would not address the real issue, namely The Bossleyans as these were never mentioned once in her delicate correspondence.

Chore number two was to make sure she could successfully destroy free resources for those a little less educated than herself and who worked in the enslavement camps called educational institutions. You see it appeared that Delilah could not grapple with the difference between what was for free and what was not for free on the fair maiden's web site, which she used to earn a pittance. Remember, the great day of launching the young lady's e-book came using that wonderful tool called the Internet which was utilised in conjunction with a thing called a web site?

You see, it appeared that Delilah may well be right and that government statistics also provide a reasonable amount of truthful accuracy as far as illiteracy rates among the human populations is concerned. To quote a statement from Delilah's reply to the Ma: I have looked at your website and think that its current layout and language may make it very difficult for teachers to understand that they are required to pay an annual licence fee.

The Ma could not recall writing that teachers were required to pay an annual licence fee although she had made the suggestion that if they were to support the works written by them, teachers would certainly benefit from their generosity. You see required is a strong word and Delilah should have chosen her words more carefully, after all she did carry that large title behind her name and had successfully achieved that special further education which bestows certain privileges upon some humans.

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