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Screenshots and eye witnesses prove contrary to the length the e-Book was available online. The letter from the Legal Services Directorate also stated that the e-Book was removed from the School website .... / .... / 2008. One wonders why it was removed and the entire school web site went offline if they were not guilty of copyright breach in the first place. The letter finished by stating that: "The Department does not consider that the actions of the School constitute a deliberate breach of copyright and after consideration of all the circumstances, that there is any requirement on the School to make payment for the invoice provided with your letter of ... / ..... / 2008."

So that was that! End of discussion.

The fair maiden remained poor; the piggies remained hijacked, gagged and bound for the Internet; the Bossleyans remained rich and uneducated; Ms Delilah remained free to contact, according to her statement in her letter although Ma's email was returned to sender.

As a reader you may not know how web sites work including the downloading, uploading, and recording of the goings in and out of these pages displayed on the World Wide Web. You see downloading is the thing you do when you use your PC and view the web pages in front of you. Uploading is generally done by someone called a web master and involves conducting certain procedures in order for new content to be made available to Internet users which they in turn download again to their PC and are then able to view.

Having statistics at the convenience of a webmaster's hand usually does the recording of the goings in and out of one's web site. It was these statistics that the Ma was interested in. Statistics show a lot of things including IP addresses which are a string of numbers. Now IP addresses are like a phone number, it will show the web master who comes and views, uses or sometimes abuses his web site.

After searching through the statistics Ma came to a shocking revelation. Tens of thousands of humans were coming to their web site on a regular basis. All Ma had to do was copy and paste the IP address from the statistics and voila, there it was; the origin of that amazing number. Now among that list of statistics were pedagogue folk, after all who would want to come to a pedagogue web site unless they had a need to teach someone else. Due to the fact that the web site contained pedagogical wares only... it must be assumed that pedagogue folk would be among the frequent visitors.

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