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fungi photograph

Did you know? Mushrooms are a fungi and are grown in many countries as a human food source. Some people are allergic to mushrooms and become very sick, sometimes to the point of near death. If you are allergic to mushrooms you will have to be very careful with what you eat. It will be a nuisance and often spoil a pleasant outing at a restaurant or at a friend's place.

Mushrooms have a large commercial value and products sold range from mushroom kits, mushroom cultures, cultivating tools, fungi books, mushroom gifts such as cards and posters, and there are even seminars you can go to which explain more about mushrooms.Did you know? There are of course other types of fungi besides the most commonly known mushroom type such as puffballs, yeast, bread mould, toadstools and truffles. Some people have skin infections called tinea which is also a fungus ... back


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