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Answers need to be given using the authorised KJV (King James Version).
Use capital letters when needed; such as peoples names or places.

What was Luke by profession?  Col. 4:14 blank
What is the last word in the Bible? blank
What book comes before Zechariah? blank
What was Paul's former name? blank
What was Aquila by profession? Acts 18:2,3 blank
What relation was Abraham to Isaac? blank
What was Lot's wife turned into? blank
What is the first book of the New Testament? blank
What bit Paul but did not harm him? blank
What do the letters O.T. stand for? blank
What are the streets of heaven paved with? blank
What did Noah build? blank
What book in the O.T. starts with A? blank
What were Jesus' last words? John 19:30 blank
What tree did Jesus curse? Matt. 21:19 blank
What was Jesus' first bed? Luke 2:7 blank
What stood still for Joshua? Josh. 10:13 blank
What book in the Bible begins with Z ? blank
What birds were eaten in the wilderness? blank
What is the first book of the Bible? blank




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