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Beau Cornerstone writes fictional ebooks for young adults, teens and children and produces educational blackline masters for teachers, homeschoolers and distance education students.
Experiland features science projects & science experiments aimed at kids grades 1 to 8 in the following main categories - Chemistry, Earth science & astronomy, Electricity & magnetism, Life sciences and Physics.
Voice of the Martyrs
International, evangelical, inter-denominational faith mission serving persecuted Christians around the world. Autonomous missions in various countries, cooperating and working together through International Christian Association.
CBN Christian Broadcasting Network
International News events effecting christian people.

Home Schooling in languages other than English
Bildung Zu Hause
Parents have a fundamental right to choose how their children are educated in almost every country of the world with the exceptions of some dictatorships like China, North Korea, and many Islamic countries. Surprisingly, Germany accompanies these countries in forbidding parents to choose to educate their own children at home. Since the time that national socialists replaced the public education with a compulsory education, this law has been used by the Police against respectable citizens to prevent home education in a number of cases.
Thuisonderwijs in Nederland
Artikelen, Jurische achtergrondinformatie, thuisonderwijs in Nederland, onderwijskeuzevrijheid.
Home Education in the Netherlands
From February to April 2011 there was quite a bit of turmoil in the Netherlands about home education. As in some other countries, the existence of home education in the Netherlands was at stake. The Minister of OCW (Education, Culture and Science) unexpectedly decided to reconsider the law concerning home education. The trigger for this was the closure of an Islamic secondary school in Amsterdam. With no other options for their children to receive schooling from their religious viewpoint, seventy families announced they would apply for an exemption to homeschool. Suddenly, the increasing fear of “Islamification” in the Netherlands was linked to the home education movement. Fierce discussions in the political and public arena followed.
Gaan Australische schools er onder door?
Het verschil tussen een openbare school kind en een kind dat thuis heeft geleerd is enorm in Australie. Onderzoek wijste aan dat kinderen die thuis leren behalen meer succes met lezen, schrijven, rekenen, geschiedenis en aardrijkskunde dan de kinderen in de openbare school, maar het leren van verschillende talen was beter bij kinderen die naar de openbare school gaan.

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