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K-3 only    alphabet

Read a-Long
Basic words are animated for easy reading. Complete the online activity with worksheet to complement.

Sea Puzzle
Spot the hidden sea creatures in this colourful display with the sea creatures puzzle, clues are given

A Space Story
Enhance reading with this picture related story. The following worksheet complements the space adventure story.

Count the Stars
Basic counting from 1-10 using stars, ideal for young learners. Write with numbers and letters. Printable worksheet.

The alphabet
Encourage keyboard skills with basic alphabet letter search. Alphabet worksheet for letter recognition.

Basic Shapes
Enhancing basic shape recognition. Complemented with the 'Basic Colour' activity and worksheet.

Basic Colours
Enhancing basic colour recognition. Complemented with the 'Basic Shape' activity and worksheet.

Spot the difference
Test observation skills by spotting five differences in the centipedes. Answer key provided.

Counting fun model
Maths and Art skills. By reading the columns up and down it will tell the student lots about the number four.

Number snake
For students who confuse numbers and sums this may be a helpful fun project. Maths and Art skills.

Printable colour-in worksheet to help with your 'danger' project. Downloadable as pdf please read copyright.

Attitudes & Values
If you are discussing social behaviour or attitudes then you may like the following worksheet.

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