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A variety of maths games can be found in this area. Educational games such as these will improve knowledge in the following areas: addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. Also covered are clock reading skills, time using not only numbers but words as well which will improve spelling and reading skills. Several areas are dedicated to problem solving, fractions, roman numerals and the multiplication tables. Ellipses, triangle and circle puzzles are there not just for fun but for the educational value as well.

For the older students we have included GCF, LCM, percentages and equations, with helpful explanations. Pythagoras theorem, arithmetic progressions, algebra, geometry, trigonometry and probability with explanations are part of our maths games too. If you find any of these online games valuable teaching resource for your students we hope you will honour our copyright, terms and conditions. Please read these and thank you for viewing our material at Teaching Treasures Publications' web site.

Flash cards K-up

Addition, Subtraction, Times, Division using flash cards

Improve skills and build speed

Flash cards 2-up

Rounding Decimal numbers flash cards

Rounding Decimals

Flash cards 8-10

Improve your algebra the fun way with a game. (Has examples)

Improve your Algebra Give it a try!

Flash cards 2-4

2-6 learning the analogue clock the fun way with a game.

Improve your clock reading

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