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marsupial mole


marsupial mole

The marsupial mole is only twenty centimetres long and a very fast burrower. It bores through the soil with its snout which is protected by a hard shield; they search for ants, beetles larvae and other insects being their main food source. They also have short paws that help them dig their shallow burrow.

Like the wombat, the female marsupial mole's pouch opens backwards to protect the one or two young inside the pouch from sand that is thrown up. Because the burrows are constructed in sand they quite often collapse. The marsupial mole is blind but has no problems finding its way around. Their sandy colouring provides them with protection, blending in well with sandy soils.

marsupial mole


An online interactive knowledge test about the marsupial mole. Scores answers with the option of correcting if a mistake was made. Simple true - false quiz which can be played alone or with a friend. Ideal for comprehension testing and reinforcing what was learned.... back to aussie animals main page

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