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From this area you can find a selection of Worksheets, Interactivities, Educational games or a Grammar Course. Each area is unique with the worksheet area providing basic worksheets which do not contain answer keys or teacher notes except for some of the upper level.

The interactivities and educational games are colourful and highly recommended as an English reading, writing, spelling and comprehension resource, to be used along with our printable resources. Crossword puzzles, homophones, antonyms, gender recognition, singular and plural are just some of the computer based activities found in this area. Each activity checks student's work and will mark accordingly.

The upper level also contains a highly recommended interactive flash card which teaches students how to read and write numbers, providing a cross curricula activity. Each level also allows access to the Grammar Course Bridging the Learning Gap.

Bridging the learning gap comprises of six fun English grammar lessons using paper, oral and Internet based methods. These simple, yet effective teaching tools are easy to follow, step by step instructional activities for students ages six to twelve. Ideal to teach or re-enforce some basic grammar.

Mix auditory, visual and hands-on techniques to improve and build upon student's weaknesses or skill gaps rather than sticking to one method only. Thoroughly tested on numerous students between the ages six and fourteen. Use the lessons over six days, six weeks or incorporate two lessons in one week. It is totally flexible to suit your teaching schedule.

For best results you must be organized. All lessons should prepared well in advance and study them thoroughly so you are acquainted with the contents. Obtain any additional materials you may need; e.g. old magazines, exercise books, glue, scissors etc. Before starting each lesson, ensure you have prepared all relevant pages to avoid students having to wait for their material. They will loose interest and enthusiasm if you are disorganized.

Quite often overlooked is the importance of 'nonsense' writing. This web site provides an activity that allows just that, silly nonsense write-ups to encourage reading, writing, spelling and grammar. A to Z nonsense is ideal for students who want a challenge and something different.

Simply click on one of the letters of the alphabet in the left-hand column and it will display a short nonsensical write-up with an interactivity. This is definitely not for the faint-hearted and can be utilized by older students who enjoy something new as well. Each activity, 26 in total, provides answers with a simple click of the check button. A great educational game with a difference can be used along with our products.

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Worksheets | Interactive Activities | Grammar Course

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