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Welcome to my Froggie Photo Gallery

Ok, I admit I'm not the world's best photographer but I thought you might still like to take a look at some of my froggie photos. To see a larger photo click on the picture. These photos were all taken of frogs and tadpoles that live in my ponds.

I have 3 ponds. Two large ones and one smaller pond. Every night I can hear the frogs and I know when something is wrong too! When an owl is nearby and the moon is out, the frogs are very quiet. They don't make any noise because they know if they did that the owl would spot them and have them for a midnight snack.

Sometimes a neighbour's cat will come and go fishing in my pond. I don't like this but there is not much I can do about it. Again I can tell when a cat is nearby. All the frogs suddenly stop their noise. They don't want to become kitty-cat food! I don't blame them, do you?

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