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The Guinea Pig Theme Outcomes:

Science , English, Math, Technology, Art, Society and Environment

Science: scientific names, facts, sizes, behaviour, mating, food source
English: reading, writing and research skills
Math: converting cm - inches, calculating within a timeframe, calculations
Art: drawing, sketching, using colour techniques, proportion
Technology: computer skills, Internet skills, research skills, photography skills
Society and Environment: general knowledge

Guinea Pig  -  Cavis porcellus

Read about the guinea pig before completing any activities at the bottom of this page.

guinea3.jpg (12631 bytes) Guinea pigs come from South America but are kept as pets all over the world. Some people breed them so they can re-sell the young ones to earn money.

guineapig2.jpg (10590 bytes) Guinea pigs have a greenish-grey or brown fur normally, but because people have bred them you will find white, brown, black and mixed colours.

guineapig-black.jpg (4713 bytes) In the wild they live in forests, savannas and swamps. They burrow and come out mainly at night for feeding. They will enjoy greens, fruits and vegetables.

guineapig-eye.jpg (2517 bytes) Their eyes are beautiful, but with all their charm it has not stopped Scientists from using this creature for Scientific purposes, like medical research.

guineapig-front-foot.jpg (4108 bytes) Guinea pigs have four toes on each front foot and three toes on each back foot. Wild guinea pigs can run very fast.

guineapig-backfoot.jpg (3627 bytes) Those bred in cages are a lot slower. When you listen to a guinea pig you can hear the squeaky talking noises they make.

guineapig-bottom.jpg (7081 bytes) Captive guinea pigs breed throughout the year and the female gives birth to three or four young after two months gestation.

The male and female guinea pigs are ready to breed when they are only two months old. They live about eight years if looked after properly. They enjoy eating fresh vegetables and fruits and appreciate a clean bed of straw in a well sheltered hutch.

Did you know that the Indians of the Andes in South America rear guinea pigs for food? They like eating them just like you may eat rabbits or chicken meat.

Science Test your knowledge

English Student example of an essay

Mathematics Stretch your brain

Technology Internet skills

Art Draw and design a guinea pig

Society and Environment Print guinea pig worksheet



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