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K-2 Project ideas (page 2)

(3) Chooks or fowl (printable instructions)

(4) Switzerland (printable instructions)



Main Learning Area

Linking Learning Areas

Chooks or fowl Technology Science, English, SOSE, Art
Switzerland SOSE (Society & Environment) Technology, Art, English

(3) Chooks or fowl

project example

(Grade 2)

Society & Environment was woven into this project by researching where chickens live. Artistic abilities are performed when drawing a chicken. Chicken feathers can be collected and glued to the drawing.

A visit to a local chicken farm produced the ideal technical learning area needed for this project. Students learned how automatic feeding was accomplished as well as how so many eggs were processed for market. If possible obtain an incubator and incubate several eggs. Only do this if you are sure to have a suitable home for the chicks once they've hatched. The student who wrote 'chooks or fowls' actually witnessed a Scientific fact as well. His chooks were deformed due to inter-breeding. He noted this very well in his write-up.








(4) Switzerland

Switzerland was located on a map, a world globe and on the Internet. Related web sites were explored with variety in culture, fauna and flora, geographical locations of major Swiss towns, mountains and rivers. Swiss cheese was purchased and sampled for this special occasion. Pictures from old travel magazines were used to collect maps.




project example

( Grade 1)

A cultural video about Switzerland was borrowed from the school's library and much enjoyed by the students. The Swiss flag was reproduced from recycled material and displayed in the classroom with the student's other work.


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